Production of seals,
diffusers for LED lamps
Q Plast Tech, LLC

Job openings


Required work experience: from 1 year

Full-time, full-time


– Processing and input of primary documentation

– Accounting of goods (registration, sale)

– Carrying out and posting statements in the database

– Record keeping (incoming/outgoing correspondence, sending mail);

– Statement of invoices as needed

– Other orders and instructions of the chief accountant.


– Higher or secondary special education (accounting)

– Skills of working with 1C:8.3

– Knowledge of all areas of accounting and legislation

– Attentiveness, accuracy in details, responsibility, learning ability, diligence

– A confident PC user.


– Schedule: five-day working week from 9:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday -weekends

– Work in the area of the village of Mikhanovichi

– Trial period – 1 month

– Stable, timely salary from 1000-1400 Belarusian rubles “on hand”.

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