Production of seals,
diffusers for LED lamps
Q Plast Tech, LLC

Seals for glass and polycarbonate

Seals for glass and polycarbonate are presented on this page.

Our seals are also used in the installation of polycarbonate greenhouses, providing sealing of polycarbonate joints in the greenhouse.

You can buy rubber seals for polycarbonate greenhouses with wholesale delivery.

In our company you can buy seals for various designs at the most affordable prices and your drawings.

The quality of our products consists of many factors, so great importance is paid to careful control of raw materials, equipment and all technological processes.

If you have not found a seal of the right size or shape, please call us: +375 29 352 93 62 ; +375 29 575 04 65 or write us:, and we will make the necessary seal according to your drawings!

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