Production of seals,
diffusers for LED lamps
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Delivery and payment

Доставка преимущество
  • pickup of retail or wholesale products from the warehouse;
  • it is possible to deliver wholesale products to all countries of the European Union.
Оплата преимущества
  • cash payment;
  • cashless payment.

The time of delivery of wholesale products to the countries of the European Union is determined by agreement with the client. If you have incorrectly specified the phone number or delivery address, this may lead to an additional delay! When making an application, please enter the correct data.

The products are delivered to the address specified when placing the order. If it is necessary to deliver the goods to a different address, it is necessary to inform the address to the manager of the company, who will contact you directly after placing the order.

Upon delivery, you will be given all the necessary documents for the purchase of products. The price indicated in the documents submitted to you is final.

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