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diffusers for LED lamps
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Q Plast Tech, LLC has been operating in the market of production of plastic products and seals since 2017. It was formed by two purposeful engineers who, thanks to their knowledge, perseverance, patience, and enthusiasm, were able not only to stay in the production market, but were able to expand their own production and increase the number of the team to ten people.

To date, the company is engaged in the production of seals, flexible screens for Led lighting, PVC profiles, designs and sells aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings.

The company produces up to 200,000 linear meters of various seals per month. Our products are used in cars, refrigerators, commercial equipment and in the home interior.

years of work in the production market

>2 million linear meters
we produce products per year

items in the assortment

Our advantages

The guarantee of compliance of products with the specified characteristics

due to tests in the laboratory is 10 years


with more than 20 years of experience in the production of plastic products and seals

of wholesale products

countries of the European Union

Low prices

due to the full production cycle

Convenient payment

cash and non-cash payment

Deferred payment

for regular customers

Our company is focused on wholesale buyers. The minimum batch of a wholesale order of products is from 50 linear meters.

Here you can buy seals, screens for LED lamps, aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings at the most affordable prices. To find out the prices of our products, you just need to dial us by phone or write to e-mail, and we will definitely call you back. We will deliver seals to any point of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and the countries of the European Union.

We will design and manufacture the product you need.

By choosing us, our customers receive high-quality products, the technology of which is constantly being improved through the introduction of a scientific approach, innovation and the application of the highest production standards. In the manufacture of seals, our company uses time-tested materials (PVC elastomer; SBS; SEBS; TPE) from reliable European manufacturers and high-tech equipment of leading world brands.

Our goal is to be the best manufacturer and supplier of high–quality seals, flexible screens for Led lighting, aluminum profiles for you – our Customers.

We will provide each of our customers with advice on the selection or manufacture of the desired product. Call us!

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