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Our goal is to be the best supplier for our Customers. For you, our business is timely deliveries of quality products: seals, diffusers for LED lamps, aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings.

a little about us

Our company has been operating since 2017 in the market for the production of plastic products and seals. We produce screens for linear lamps, ceilings, walls, skirting boards and steps, a variety of seals using modern high-tech equipment and materials from European manufacturers. In addition, our company sells a patented aluminum profile system for tension ceilings.

Our products were appreciated by customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus.

We are constantly developing and improving without stopping there.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you, and the high quality and reliability of the products will confirm the correctness of your choice!

You can read more about us in the “About the Company” section.

If you are interested in our products or want to order products of the size and shape you need, fill out an application or call us!


Ordering options:

After placing an order, we will contact you shortly during the working day and discuss all the details of the order:

  • if the products are in stock, we conclude a contract for the supply of the required products, prepare a full package of documents. Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer. After payment, you can pick up your products yourself from our warehouse, delivery is possible;
  • if the product is out of stock and it is required to produce non-standard products, you provide a sample of the required product or its drawings to our address. We conclude a contract, you make an advance payment for the production of the sample. We produce a prototype of the required products. You, as the customer, approve the sample of the product made by us. In accordance with the agreement, you make the final payment in cash or by bank transfer. We produce an industrial batch of products within the time specified in the contract, and you can pick up the finished product from our warehouse yourself, delivery is possible.

Answers to frequent uestions

We invite you to get acquainted with the answers to popular questions of our customers! We hope this information will help you in choosing.

To date, in the commercial facility “Mile” it is possible to purchase a fake universal Ok KBE 228 sealer — a sealer for repairing PVC windows — in an individual package of 12 r.m.

The minimum batch is from 50 r.m.

We carry out both cash and non-cash payments.


Product summary

Our products are seals, diffusers for LED lamps, aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings.


The design of the screens is being developed using computer simulation to improve the scattering characteristics.


To prevent damage to the screens, each type of screen is covered with a protective film, on which the technical data of the produced screen is applied.

Seals of the company “Q Plast Tech” LLC are an excellent shock absorber, which softens the impact when closing doors and windows. Window gaskets are made of rubber, rubber and other materials and perform the following functions: protection from external noise, protection from dust, temperature preservation in the house, protection from humidity, etc.

The seal consists mainly of rubber, silicone and plastics (PVC, EPDM or TPE), as they are particularly resistant to atmospheric influences.

Aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings are developed by company “Q Plast Tech” LLC. When designing, the requirements of structural installers are taken into account. Therefore, our profiles have increased physical and mechanical characteristics. The aluminum profiles produced are patented on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

In the production of aluminum profiles, only high-quality aluminum alloy is used, which has high strength characteristics.

The aluminum profile is manufactured on European equipment and has minimal deviations in cross-sectional dimensions and profile length. The profile is securely packed to prevent damage during transportation and storage.



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