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Aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings, floating ceilings

Aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings are metal elements that are used simultaneously for fixing stretch ceilings and creating LED lamps. They are special structures that can be of various shapes and sizes, and which are mounted on walls or ceilings. Aluminum profiles provide a reliable fixation of the stretch ceiling, and also allow you to hide all communications and wires, which makes the interior more aesthetic and neat. In addition, aluminum profiles can be equipped with additional elements, such as LED strips and soft screens, which allows you to create additional functionality in the room.

Алюминиевые профили для натяжных потолков
Aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings are developed by Q Plast Tech, LLC. When designing, the requirements of structural installers are taken into account. Therefore, our profiles have increased physical and mechanical characteristics. The aluminum profiles produced are patented on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

In the production of aluminum profiles, only high-quality aluminum alloy is used, which has high strength characteristics.

The aluminum profile is manufactured on European equipment and has minimal deviations in cross-sectional dimensions and profile length. The profile is securely packed to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

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